About Us

Lionia’s journey since its’ inception has been a story of pioneering innovation, engineering excellence and strategic evolution in the field of LED lighting in India. Our strategy will be extremely risk averse and highly selective in areas with high margin potential and credible distribution network. Operationally, we will remain committed to the process of fiscal consolidation, discipline and austerity.
We will also dedicate material, knowledge and human resources to suitably enforce our key business and we remain optimistic about the prospects of securing substantial growth.
The source of our growth and progress remains our strong workforce with 80% women, who continue to lead the industry with their unmatched skill, discipline, dedication, innovation and passion. We will continue to invest in our people and train them with the latest technology and innovations to retain our competitive edge in the market.
The board of Directors, would like to offer thanks to our clients, channel partners and stake holders for their understanding and trust. We are inspired by your faith and your perseverance and remain committed to generating value in the Lionia brand.

Management Team

Sailendra Behera
is the founder and Chairman of Lionia,  a graduate mechanical engineer with over 27 years of experience in a wide spectrum of critical roles from conceptualization to planning to execution and managing of projects with hands-on by nature and love to delve into micro level details. He has the knack of identifying the critical factors on which depends the success of any project having travelled to 36 different countries and visited many different industries worldwide and thus aware of the emerging technologies and modern management practices. He brings in a sound combination of business acumen, people management skill and social responsibility.
R. Rajaram
as a founder and Managing Director has contributed immensely towards the conceptualization and evolution of the business model of Lionia. He brings in over 25 years of rich experience spanning from the lowest to the top management level in India’s largest automotive lighting manufacturer. He has the moorings of the traditional south Indian values and combines it with versatility having spent most of his adult life in different parts of India. His belief in unity in diversity is reflected in his being well versed in more than eight different Indian languages. Thus Rajaram brings onto the table an incredible combination of lighting industry specific technical and management acumen and philosophy of inclusiveness.
Subhashree Behera,
is a promotor and Director of Lionia, has been a major influence in the evolution of Lionia. She is a nice combination of family values and independent attitude. Unflinching in moral values, she has also performed magnificently as an entrepreneur while she successfully managed the profitable educational institute – play group school. She has been instrumental in moulding and developing many a young minds. She is a soft hearted lady with a dream of sustainable social empowerment through profitable business enterprise.  Having a women promoter sensitive to the needs of women will be the key to success of Lionia as women constitute the bulk of the workforce of lighting industry.

Our Valuable Human Assests

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